Friday, August 28, 2009

A Great Example of Class in a Careless World

Like many bloggers, I often use this forum as an opportunity to rant and becuase my focus is etiquette in modern society, or the lack thereog, sadly, there is no shortage of fodder for my soapbox.

But today, I have the privilege of sharing a good news story - an old-fashioned gesture of class and gratitude that is just too rare these days.

We had a delivery in our office yesterday. We get many deliveries in the course of a day but this one was extra special with a cherry on top. It was a box containing 12 cupcakes from Sugar Baking - six with chocolate frosting and six with vanilla frosting. Might I add, the best chocolate frosting ever!

Our surprise benefactor? The stylish Ian Capstick, owner of Media Style, seasoned communicator and passionate advocate of social media.

Opening the box elicited squeals of delight from my colleagues as we racked our brains to remember what we could have done to deserve such a welcome and delicious treat on a Thursday afternoon. When nothing sprung to mind, I got in touch with Mr. Capstick himself, who said simply that he liked reading our blogs, appreciated retweets from our staff and enjoyed meeting with my business partner, Martin Waxman, a couple of months ago.

In my etiquette training, people often ask if it's really necessary for them to send thank you cards for large gestures - business referrals, weekends at the cottage, job interviews. I sometimes need to convince them that it's not only worth it, but an obligation. And, here is an example of someone who sent sweet treats, simply to say, "Hey, I like what you're doing".

A surprising, and very encouraging show of class in a world where too often, we forget to say thank you.


  1. Great post Louise - especially as a simple reminder to us all that these small gestures go a long way to further enhancing the relationships we all hope to forge - whether in person or on online (via Facebook and Twitter).

  2. Thanks so much for the kind post. The crew at Palette have all truly embraced social media, as Louise mentioned I re-tweet them often and enjoy their blog posts. And, as Martin was kind to invite me for a coffee on my first official MediaStyle trip to Toronto I thought cupcakes were in order! Oh, and just to add: I send them because of my Cupcake Camp involvement (Think BarCamp, for cupcakes); in Ottawa I bake my own; and for Toronto drop offs the amazing folks at are my go-to bakery.

    What a "sweet" post. Thanks.